Samba & Windows integration

Catalyst offers Samba support and development services, with a special focus on the Samba Active Directory Domain Controller. We use Samba and other tools to integrate our solutions with enterprise networks built on Microsoft's Windows to enable seamless interoperability.

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What we offer

Catalyst provides services across the full breath of Samba's capabilities.


  • We provide advice on how best to integrate Samba and Samba-based devices into Active Directory Domains.  
  • We support Samba appliance vendors, including NAS vendors, with 3rd level support expertise to back-stop customer support responsibilities, including both file server and authentication features.
  • We advise Samba vendors on bug-fixes and features as they are developed upstream, and back-porting as required.


  • We custom develop new Samba features, such as the integration of new products, and the extension of Samba's core functionality.
  • We implement Samba's Active Directory Domain Controller on new platforms and devices.

Deployment and ongoing support

  • We support organisations directly implementing the "Samba4" Active Directory Domain Controller.
  • We guide upgrades from Samba 3.x domains to the Samba Active Directory Domain Controller of Samba 4.x, including consultation on upgrades from the OpenLDAP backend of Samba's 'classic' DC architecture.
  • Our ongoing support services are backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Our team

Andrew Bartlett leads our Samba consultancy group and more than ten years experience on the Samba Team. Andrew has been a key developer on the "Samba4" Active Directory Domain Controller project since its inception in 2005, through to its production release in Samba 4.0 and beyond. Andrew's in-depth knowledge of Kerberos and NTLM authentication and the interactions with Active Directory extends back over a decade to the first development releases of Samba 3.x.


Seamless integration

We can integrate all Catalyst's products and services with Windows and Active Directory based networks including:



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