Project contributions

From Drupal and Moodle, right through to a Git versioning system and Perl modules on CPAN, we contribute back to over 175 community open source projects. This list is in order of the number of projects contributed to.

OpenHub Logo

neovim (
vim's rebirth for the 21st century

nodepp (
EPP implemented in node.js

opencount (
Tools to count votes on paper ballots

openstack's nova (
GitHub Mirror of OpenStack Compute (Nova)

openstack-manuals (
This repository contains the cloud administrator documentation for the OpenStack project. It includes documentation for: OpenStack Compute OpenStack Identity Service OpenStack Image Service OpenStack Object Storage OpenStack Dashboard OpenStack Network Connectivity

openstack-puppet-modules (
OpenStack Puppet Modules

pelican-bootstrap3 (
Bootstrap 3 theme for Pelican

perl-libxml-by-example (
Perl XML::LibXML by Example - A documentation project

perl-net-github (
CPAN dist Net::GitHub