Wellington training

Upcoming courses in Wellington

25 July - half day - $380 (ex gst) 
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To write a real-world React application you need to know more than just the basics of building components and using JSX. This intermediate course will take you from those basics through to the practicalities of writing more complex applications, including state management with Redux.
Target audience - Those who understand the basics of React but are looking for a deeper understanding of some of the real world problems that need to be tackled to build a complete application and put it in production.
Python Introduction for non-Programmers
26 July - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)  
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This training session will introduce you to Python syntax and philosophy. You will learn about Python, and have plenty of opportunity to put it into practice. If you have little to no prior experience in programming this course is for you. 
Target audience - Those who have little or no prior programming experience, but want to learn to write some basic Python scripts.
2 August - half day - $380 (ex gst)
Take your CSS skills to the next level with this intermediate level course. If you already know how to style a basic webpage but would like some more background on why CSS works as it does, plus some guidance on structuring large projects and on how to use a CSS pre-processor like SASS, this course is for you. 
Target audience - Those that have attended the HTML/CSS introduction and want to extend their skills.
PostgreSQL Admin
3 & 4 August - 2 days - $1,620 (ex gst)
*** SPECIAL *** Register two or more people and get 25% discount on each person - $1,215 (ex gst) 
This course shows you how to use the PostgreSQL database system from a DBA perspective.  We'll cover installation, configuration and tuning.
Target audience - The course is aimed at those who need to administer PostgreSQL databases and want to learn best practices.
Introduction to Koha 
8 August - 1.5 hrs - free
This session is aimed at Libraries and librarians who are considering moving to Koha, and anyone who might be interested to hear about new Koha functionality and how other libraries are extending their use of Koha.
Introduction to Ubuntu Desktop
9 August - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
If you're new to the Ubuntu Linux Desktop, this is the course for you We'll cover installation of the operating system, through to more advanced features.
Target audience - Anyone that is new to the Ubuntu Linux desktop and wants to be able to make the most of the operating system. 
Git Advanced
15 August - half day - $380 (ex gst)
This course is a follow-on from the Introduction to using Git course. Learn Git's more advanced features to aid debugging and release management.  You'll also learn about team workflows and how they can be improved with a focus on the collaborative nature of Git.
Target audience -Anyone comfortable using Git, who wants to take their knowledge to the next level.
Web Accessibility - WCAG 2.0 training
16 August - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)  
This course will help you understand web accessibility and the techniques used to make accessible content. We will also cover WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and ways to test for and achieve level AA compliance.
Target audience - Anyone who is interested in accessibility or needs to make a website AA compliant.  
About the trainer - Julius has been working in the field of web accessibility since 2006 and has been with Catalyst since 2012. As a member of the UX design team, Julius evaluates and provides recommendations to make client websites more accessible. Julius was a member of the NZ Web Standards Working Group between 2012-2015.  Julius also carries out web accessibility assessments on organisations websites.
18 August - half day - $380 (ex gst)
This course is a follow-on from our Introduction to Databases course. It  covers even more useful techniques for interacting with SQL Databases.
Target audience - Anyone currently working with SQL databases who wants to take their knowledge to the next level.
Perl Basic
21 August - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
Get started with Perl! This course is for complete beginners, and anyone who has some Perl experience but would like a more structured introduction.  Attendees will be introduced to core Perl syntax, concepts, best practices and most importantly, the reference documentation.  They will also take away some recommendations for further study to grow their Perl knowledge. 
Target audience - Those who have little or no Perl experience and want learn the basics  in a structured environment.
22 August - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
Learn to use the Linux shell with us. This course teaches basic commands and simple shell scripting. Shell scripting allows the automation of collections of shell commands. Attendees gain practical experience using the commands as they encounter them, then exercise their new skills by writing simple shell scripts.
Target audience - Desktop users who want to learn how to use the Linux Shell and learn some basic scripting.
23 August - half day - $380 (ex gst)  
It’s more and more common to have intermediate compilation steps in your frontend build process, to make it possible to use newer web technologies like ES6 and CSS pre-processors. This course gives you the knowledge you need to pick the right tools, and the skills to customise your build process to meet your needs. We will focus on two of today’s most popular options, Gulp and Webpack, as well as exploring other options and looking at future trends.
Target audience - Frontend developers who want to take a step from writing vanilla JS or CSS, or those who have been using preconfigured build pipelines and want to be able to write and maintain their own. Lead developers who have an existing build process for another language and want to integrate a frontend build process into it.
24 & 25 August - 2 days - $1,520 (ex gst) 
This two day intermediate course, is a mix of both hands-on and theoretical content. Attendees experience most components of Puppet in a hands-on way, and there's time for exercises and questions. 
Target audience - This course is designed for attendees who have some regular exposure to Puppet in a production environment and wish to further their knowledge of the Puppet ecosystem.   
Python Introduction for Developers
29 August - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
Python was designed with a simple syntax. Clean, readable code is the norm in Python, not the exception. 
Join us and discover why we like Python. This course covers basic syntax and the Python ecosystem, with special emphasis on features that may be surprising to non-Python developers.
Target audience - Those who already program in other languages and want to learn  how Python works and what can be done with it.
31 August - 1 September  - 2 days - $1,620 (ex gst)
The intent of this course is to aid understanding of the MySQL database system from a DBA perspective.  Attendees will cover aspects from installation, configuration through to tuning
Target audience - The course is aimed at those who need to administer MySQL databases and want to learn best practices.
Configuration Management and Automation using Puppet - Introduction 
5 September  - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
If you want to learn how to use Puppet for configuration management and automation, or you've been put in charge of an established Puppet infrastructure, this is the course for you. This course is suitable for complete beginners and those with very limited experience – we run other courses for more experienced users.
Target audience - Puppet beginners and those with very limited experience. 
7 September  - 1 day - $550 (ex gst)
Sometimes Koha librarians say to us, "We've been using Koha for a while now, and we want to do more, but we don't know what we don't know".   This course is aimed at those people.  It's 'advanced' Koha user training.
Target audience - Librarians or other users who have had good exposure to the Koha program.
Agile Primer 
12 & 13 September - 2 day - $1,750 (ex gst)
About the course - Agile is the project management method du jour in IT right now. But do you know exactly what Agile means, and how to put it into practice? 
If you're new to Agile or need to get a better understanding of the basic principles, this course is for you.
Everyone who completes this course receives an International Consortium for Agile Certified Professional certification (ICAgile ICP). This certification does not expire and no renewal fee is required. 
Target Audience: Anyone who is new to Agile, and those with some exposure to Agile who need more information and an opportunity to practice their skills.
About the trainer - Russel has been with Catalyst since 2008 and has been practicing agile since 2009. He works closely with many of our teams, on projects large and small, to help them transition from traditional, big design up front modes to using and mastering agile, in particular, SCRUM.
He is a ScrumAlliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and is an ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC).
18 September - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
About the course - Get started with New Zealand's only public cloud, the Catalyst Cloud.
This course will teach you the skills you need to get your own instance up and running, and get you familiar with the documentation. Attendees don't need to have any prior experience with OpenStack or cloud orchestration.
Target audience - This course is for Developers, Sysadmins and anyone comfortable using the command line.
Introduction to Secure Web Coding
19 September - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
An introduction to the principles of secure coding for the web. This course focuses on the OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities and how to protect against them. Learn with a mix of theoretical and hands-on content that will involve identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities.
Target audience - Developers, Architects, Administrators & Technical Testers.
Using the SilverStripe CMS (CWP version)
20 September - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
Learn to use SilverStripe CMS to create and manage pages on your website. Create news and events, set up users and manage their permissions. Upload and manage images, documents, and other assets.
Target audience - Anyone managing, uploading or modifying website content using SiverStripe. The course is aimed at CWP users,but much of the content can be applied to the regular version of SilverStripe.
Vim Fundamentals
22 September - 1/2 day - $380 (ex gst)
Learn the core concepts of the venerable text editor, Vim. We'll cover the fundamental skills needed to use Vim effectively, from basic commands and text operations through to simple scripting.
Target audience - This course is aimed at people who have never used Vim, have limited experience with Vim, or have tried Vim but been left a bit confused or are familiar with Vim but want to improve their core understanding of the editor.
25 September - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
This course teaches you everything you need to know to use your Linux server. The first part of the course covers the basics - how to access the server, security and how to install software. the second part covers various tools that can be use to troubleshoot your server and its network.
Target audience - Anyone who will be working with a Linux server.
26 & 27 September - $1,750 (ex gst)
This course will examine the role of the Product Owner and explore the different relationships required with end users, customers, business stakeholders and those building the product.
Target audience - Product managers, business analysts, project managers and anyone that is charged with converting business vision and goal into a marketable product or service.  
Gimp and Inkscape for Web Graphics
27 September - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
This course introduces two widely used Open Source graphics programs: Inkscape and Gimp.
Target audience - Anyone that wants to learn more about creating and manipulating images in Gimp and Inkscape. This will be particularly relevant for people who are preparing images for use in web sites.
Elasticsearch basics for developers
28 September - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
This course is aimed at developers who have little or no exposure to Elasticsearch, and want to learn about the fundamentals to design and build applications that leverage it.
It focuses on understanding the APIs and how they work together, but also providing insights into Elasticsearch internals when required.
Target audience - Developers who want to use Elasticsearch to build applications.
Introduction to Databases
29 September - half day - $380 (ex gst)
Get database basics under your belt. This course will provide an introduction to database concepts, and techniques for working with SQL databases.
Target audience - Anyone who has dabbled in databases but would like a more in-depth grounding in their use.