Linux server and desktop training


Basic introductory courses for Linux desktops and servers enable new users to become more familiar with the Linux environment.  Courses build from a basic introduction to Ubuntu desktop through to managing a Linux server.

Additional courses in using the shell and shell scripting.

Desktop courses cover standard open source applications including LibreOffice (Writer, Calc, Impress), Gimp, Inkscape and Scribus.

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Introduction to Ubuntu Linux Desktop

This course covers the basics of installing the operating system and additional software.  Also includes command line, graphical interfaces and finding help.

Introduction to Ubuntu Linux desktop course outline

Introduction to Linux server

This course introduces you to using your Linux server. It covers the basics on how to access the server, security, how to install software and troubleshooting.

View Introduction to Linux server course description (pdf)

Introduction to Shell and Shell Scripting

Use the Linux shell to learn basic shell commands and the fundamentals of how the shell operates.  The course includes useful commands for moving around, managing files and permissions and the skills necessary to perform basic operating system tasks.

The Shell Scripting course shows you how to write and run scripts to automate shell commands.  It includes additional useful shell features for creating advanced and intelligent scripts.

View Introduction to Shell and Shell Scripting course description (full day) (pdf)

Desktop training

LibreOffice courses cover creating, editing, formatting and using additional features to create Writer, Calc and Impress documents productively.  

Graphics courses cover Gimp and Inkscape  

View LibreOffice Writer course description (pdf)

View LibreOffice Calc course description (pdf)

View LibreOffice Impress course description (pdf)

View LibreOffice Draw course description (pdf)

View Gimp and Inkscape survival guide course description (pdf)


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