Christchurch training

In early July Catalyst turns 20!
To celebrate our milestone with you, we are offering a 20% discount to the first 20 people registering on the selected courses below:
19 July - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
*** SPECIAL DEAL 20% OFF - NOW $608 pp (ex gst) ***
Python was designed with a simple syntax. Clean, readable code is the norm in Python, not the exception. 
Join us and discover why we like Python. This course covers basic syntax and the Python ecosystem, with special emphasis on features that may be surprising to non-Python developers.
Target audience - Those who already program in other languages and want to learn  how Python works and what can be done with it.
Getting started with the Catalyst Cloud
27 July - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
*** SPECIAL DEAL 20% OFF - NOW $608 pp (ex gst) ***
About the course - Get started with New Zealand's only public cloud, the Catalyst Cloud.
This course will teach you the skills you need to get your own instance up and running, and get you familiar with the documentation. Attendees don't need to have any prior experience with OpenStack or cloud orchestration.
Target audience - This course is for Developers, Sysadmins and anyone comfortable using the command line.
31 July - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
*** SPECIAL DEAL 20% OFF - NOW $608 pp (ex gst) ***
The Drupal content management system makes life easy for anyone managing or uploading website content. Join us for this course to learn how Drupal is structured, get hands-on experience with Drupal tools and be more confident in administering your Drupal site.
Target audience - Webmasters, content managers, digital communications professionals and anyone else administering Drupal sites.