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Upcoming courses in September


JavaScript Basics

15 September - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
Register two people and get 20% discount

Get started with JavaScript. Join us to get a grounding in JavaScript syntax and scoping rules as well as the Document Object Model.  We'll also touch on the jQuery library and jQuery plugins.

Special deal on following 3 courses

React Introduction - 19 September

JavaScript Build Pipelines - 20 September

React Intermediate - 21 September

* Book one course - normal cost $380
* Book two courses - 20% discount - $304
* Book all three - 25% discount - $285

React Introduction
19 September - half day - see above for rate
This hands-on introductory course will teach you from scratch how to use React, one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building high performance single page applications.

JavaScript Build Pipelines

20 September - half day - see above for rate
It’s more and more common to have intermediate compilation steps in your frontend build process, to make it possible to use newer web technologies like ES6 and CSS pre-processors. This course gives you the knowledge you need to pick the right tools, and the skills to customise your build process to meet your needs.

React Intermediate
21 September - half day - - see above for rate
To write a real-world React application you need to know more than just the basics of building components and using JSX. This intermediate course will take you from those basics through to the practicalities of writing more complex applications, including state management with Redux.

Git Advanced

26 September - half day - $380 (ex gst)
This course is a follow-on from the Introduction to using Git course. Learn Git's more advanced features to aid debugging and release management.

HTML/CSS Intermediate 

27 September - half day - $380 (ex gst)
Take your CSS skills to the next level. If you already know how to style a basic webpage but would like some more background on why CSS works as it does, plus some guidance on structuring large projects and on how to use a CSS pre-processor like SASS, this course is for you.

Web Accessibility - WCAG 2.0 training
28 September - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)  
This course will help you understand web accessibility and the techniques used to make accessible content. We will also cover WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and ways to test for and achieve level AA compliance.

Introduction to Docker
10 October - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
Learn how to use the software containerisation platform, Docker. We'll show you where Docker can be used, how to use the Docker command line and give you an understanding of the Docker environment.

Getting started with the Catalyst Cloud

11 October - 1 day - $760 (ex gst)
This course will teach you the skills you need to get your own instance up and running, and get you familiar with the documentation. Attendees don't need to have any prior experience with OpenStack or cloud orchestration.