University of Canberra

Diverse learners, streamlined system

The University of Canberra (UoC) offers undergraduate and postgraduate education. UoC teaches and researches in arts and design; business, government and law; health; and, education, science, technology and mathematics.

The UoC is behind a project to increase disability awareness for teachers by explaining their legal obligations around disability. With up to 300,000 learners, face-to-face delivery would have been too expensive. Instead, UoC used eLearning.

UoC needed a partner to help them reach teachers across Australia in rural and urban settings, on high bandwidth and dial-up internet connections. They also needed to cater to a wide range of computer literacy skills.

The learning portal needed to work with the separate systems of 10 participating agencies, allowing each one to deliver the learning with agency branding, and generate customised reports and statistics.

Finally, UoC needed an accompanying information website for the public.

UoC chose Catalyst to make it happen. We used Totara LMS to meet these requirements precisely.

With a target audience of 300k school staff nationally, we couldn’t have afforded to deliver this online training without the cloud. Now we have users signing on at a rate of 5,000 to 10,000 a month.
Chris Kilham,
Associate Professor of Education and Project Leader, University of Canberra