Object storage

Durable internet scale storage offered via a simple web-services interface that can hold any amount of data.

The perfect place for your application to store its files or media assets. Our storage solution is self-healing and ensures the replication levels desired for your data, so it is available when you need it.

Supported features include:

  • Create, manage and delete object storage containers.
  • Upload and retrieve objects from containers.
  • Manage the permissions (ACLs) of containers.
  • Three replicas of your objects are stored on different data centres to ensure data availability and resiliency.
  • Automatic health checks (CRC) are executed frequently to prevent data loss due to disk corruption.
  • S3 compatible APIs[1], so you do not have to re-factor applications which currently use Amazon S3.

[1] Ceph provides an S3 API end-point that supports the most common operations of S3.


Estimate your monthly cost easily using our online calculator

Price Calculator

Storage type Description Price per hour per GB (ex GST) Price per month per GB (ex GST)
o1.standard Three replicas of your objects are kept to ensure their durability and resiliency $0.000275 $0.20