User-Centric design and development

Catalyst embraces user-centric design and agile methodologies to offer clients the best possible outcomes in delivering solutions. Through an open, collaborative approach, our teams work with you to ensure we achieve the best outcomes for your business.

Project management

We provide project management expertise across several practice areas:

  • Scope and change management – to ensure clear understanding about scope and deliverables.
  • Communication management – to establish strong, trusting and respectful relationships that support open and honest communication.
  • Engagement model and governance framework – utilising a cross-functional team with regular reporting on progress and performance.
  • Risk management – regular risk identification and mitigation review and action through a shared risk register.

We provide expertise using industry standard project management methodologies including Agile (Scrum), PRINCE2 and PMI.

User-experience design

Our designs are simple, easy to use and will enhance your brand – we design for responsive websites, mobile applications, and other media.

Our team of experienced and dedicated designers works closely with you and our project teams to design and deliver customer-centred experiences to help your business grow.

Our design expertise includes information architecture, user experience and visual and mobile application design.

Software development

Software development is a core business of Catalyst. We create bespoke applications and build business systems based on existing applications – all using open source technology.

The Catalyst team has the wide breadth of experience necessary to successfully deliver projects across enterprise content management and document management systems, bespoke applications and business systems.

Our software development expertise includes systems analysis and design, systems integration, bespoke software development, front-end design including responsive design, mobile applications development and functional, regression and performance testing.

Quality assurance

Our testing and quality assurance team works throughout development and especially before delivery to ensure Catalyst-built systems meet customer requirements. Testing is embedded in all our work and is a key part of what makes our work successful and dependable.

Our quality assurance expertise includes:

  • functional testing against detailed requirements
  • end-user testing
  • cross-browser testing and conformance testing
  • accessibility testing and E-government standards compliance
  • automated regression testing
  • performance and load testing against design criteria.

Our developers perform unit testing to establish the functionality of individual components of software in isolation, and our test team ensures these components work together as an integrated whole in a single environment.