Defining key business and user needs is an important part of transforming a good idea into a great solution.

Catalyst offers consulting expertise in business strategy, solution design and planning. This enables us to bring great designs to fruition. We are able to look beyond the immediate and help you plan more effectively for current and future business needs and capability.

Planning and Strategy

We can help your organisation make the most of what is available, for both your immediate and longer-term needs. Whether you are looking to drive down technology costs or open up your IT systems, Catalyst can advise from a position of in-depth experience and practical knowledge.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Open source evaluation – Today, free and open source software is available in every category of business application, from enterprise content management to infrastructure. As an entirely independent organisation, Catalyst can provide truly independent evaluation of open source applications to inform your decision-making. We not only look deeply into the technology itself, but also consider the overall health of open source projects. How openly is the project being run? How many contributors are there and how frequently do they meet? How mature is the project's roadmap?
  • Open source adoption – Catalyst provides comprehensive support for open source systems, so your organisation can easily and confidently make use of what is freely available. We can also help you plan an open source adoption strategy for your organisation, including helping you build in-house capability to support free and open source technology.
  • Creating and maintaining open source – Organisations worldwide increasingly see the benefits of making their investment in open source development available to others. Catalyst can help you plan the best approach to releasing code as open source, and managing new projects within open source communities. While it is not always useful to contribute development work back to an existing project, Catalyst can also advise when it is and how best to go about it.
  • Managing your IT investment – Catalyst builds enduring relationships with our clients. This gives us a valuable perspective on your longer-term goals and needs from the technology you invest in. As a Catalyst client, you will benefit from the spirit of partnership we provide. We are able to look beyond the immediate, and help you plan more effectively for changing and future business needs.

Business analysis

Catalyst offers business analysis consulting, working with you to ensure your business needs are clearly understood and translated into functional solution design.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • business requirements validation
  • user stories development
  • business process mapping
  • functional and non-functional specifications

We provide expertise using industry standard methodologies including the IIBA framework and Agile (Scrum).

Solution architecture design

Catalyst’s solution architects and senior developers have strong expertise across all aspects of solution architecture design and will work with your team to create blueprints describing an architecture that is tailored for the project.

  • Business architecture – we define the business strategy, governance, organisation and key business processes within your organisation.
  • Information systems architecture – we provide blueprints for individual application systems and their relationship with other systems and core business processes.
  • Technology architecture – we designing the hardware, software and network infrastructure needed to support information systems.

Relationship management

Our long-term approach to projects has seen us partner with some clients for as long as Catalyst has existed.

As open technologists, we believe that building enduring client relationships gives us a valuable perspective on your longer-term goals and needs from the technology you invest in

Based on our growing understanding of your business, we can offer ideas and advice on new directions for your website and project.