Introduction to Full-Stack JavaScript (Auckland)

6 Nov 2017
Cost per person (ex gst): 
1 day

About the course

Websocket technology allows us to build sites that update continuously in realtime. In combination with server side JavaScript (using Node.js) we can build interactive asynchronous applications. This hands-on course will take you through building an example application using Node and Socket.IO, with the client side interface being built using React (a modern efficient Views layer for client side JavaScript). We will also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of some of these cutting edge new technologies.

Course outline

The Intro to Full-Stack JavaScript course will cover the following topics

  • What is Full-Stack Javascript?
  • Is this technology ready for “prime-time”?
  • Managing dependencies with npm and bower
  • Serving a page using Node and Express
  • Communicating via sockets
  • Building components with React
  • Creating an interactive graphing application
  • Considerations for the real world (build processes, testing, production)

Note: These are the topics normally covered but might alter slightly depending on the needs of the trainees.

Target Audience

Both frontend and backend devs who have been using JavaScript on the client side and want to learn more about the potential of JS on the server side, or about using React components on the client side, will benefit from this course.


This is an intermediate level course. You must have at least a basic knowledge of JavaScript (or have completed our JavaScript Basics course).

Download Introduction to Full-Stack using Node.js, Socket.IO and React course description (pdf)


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