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Testing Services

Our Test and Quality Assurance team works throughout development and especially before delivery to ensure Catalyst-built systems meet customer requirements. 

We specialise in functional testing against detailed requirements, cross-browser testing, and conformance testing for sites that have to meet web and accessibility standards. We also provide automated regression testing, and performance and load testing against design criteria. 

Automated testing - well-designed test suites can be partly automated to reduce the effort in repetitive regression testing, especially when development cycles are short. Catalyst can help your organisation set up and maintain automated test scripts so you can take full advantage of rapid development methodologies such as Agile.

Performance testing - Catalyst designs and builds high performance systems capable of handling high loads. Performance testing establishes benchmarks for system optimisation and tuning to achieve design criteria. 

E-government and Standards Compliance - Catalyst can create standards-compliant sites to ensure all users have equal access to information online, regardless of their physical abilities and the quality of their equipment and software, while not compromising on uniqueness and elegance.

Testing is embedded in all aspects of our work.

Our developers perform unit testing throughout the development process to establish the functionality of individual components of software in isolation.

Our test team performs integration and functional testing to ensure that these components work together as an integrated whole in a single environment. They also test content for consistency and assure data quality and functionality. Open communication between our test team and developers keeps our development moving forward in a productive and progressive fashion.