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Mobile Services

Open source powers the majority of today's mobile devices. Catalyst's in-depth understanding of the platform, together with years of experience with legacy handsets, mean we can help your organisation confidently invest in mobile technology. Whether you are looking to optimise your current website for mobile browsers, develop cross-platform web applications or distribute platform-specific applications that make full use of device capabilities, Catalyst can get you there. 

Catalyst's mobile pedigree

Catalyst has been providing services for New Zealand's most successful carrier Telecom Mobile for a significant number of years. Our knowledge of popular legacy handsets, large-scale messaging applications, and mobile content management mean we can provide a broad perspective on the opportunities mobile presents for your organisation. 

If you want to do mobile and do mobile well, talk to Catalyst. 












Mobile web

Catalyst's web content management solutions together with our Device Detection Library make it straightforward to provide the best possible experience for your website visitors. We provide m. sites to complement www. sites using open source components and Catalyst's know-how to optimise all aspects of your mobile content delivery. 

Web application development

Catalyst develops cross-platform web applications using open standards to reduce your time to market and maximise your investment in your mobile strategy. Well-designed web applications are indistinguishable from native applications, yet can be developed, deployed and evolved more rapidly and cost-effectively than platform-specific applications. 

Android and other platform-specific applications

When you need to tap into the full capabilities of today's mobile devices, Catalyst can provide development expertise across the popular mobile platforms. Our innovative technologies can really add value to your mobile strategy by diving deep technically to provide highly secure, fully integrated services through mobile applications.

SMS services

Catalyst operates a highly robust high-throughput SMS gateway into all of New Zealand's mobile carriers. Our open standards based application manages incoming and outgoing SMS messages across multiple networks. It acts as a traffic warden, directing messages to the correct application, pumping out responses, or broadcasting messages. 

We can help you:

  • broadcast SMS to subscribers
  • set up TXT to shortcode services
  • use SMS to notify your customers 

Our solutions can be built to fully integrate with your existing content and customer management systems, and make full use of well-proven open source components.