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Mahara - Open Source ePortfolios

Mahara is an open source electronic portfolio, blogging and social networking tool that enables users to demonstrate their lifelong learning, skills and development over time to selected audiences.

It provides users with: a blogging tool, a file repository, résumé builder, and the innovative views framework allowing users to lay out their portfolio using a drag-and-drop interface. Users can collaborate with each other in groups, all in a safe environment that they control.

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Mahara means 'to think' or 'thought' in Te Reo Māori

If Moodle is the structured, learning management side of online education, then Mahara is the social, friendly side.

Mahara is provided freely as open source software from www.mahara.org, where a thriving community of volunteers and users assists with Mahara's development.


Northern Beaches Christian School Mahara
NBCS Mahara

Catalyst is the lead development company and the maintainer of the Mahara project and has been since the project's beginning in in 2006. We have inside-out knowledge of Mahara and are able to provide installation, hosting, consulting, integration and development services.

Our developers and eLearning staff are active in the community:

  • answering questions of users and other developers
  • fulfilling release management and release maintenance tasks
  • developing new features
  • fixing bugs
  • hosting and maintaining critical infrastructure for the Mahara community
  • writing the user manual

Learners can work on their ePortfolios individually, but also share resources and create group ePortfolios collaboratively.

As ePortfolios are not only important in the school context but also for professional development and lifelong learning in general, Mahara allows users to export their portfolio and have it imported into another Mahara or even another ePortfolio software that supports the Leap2A standard.

Mahara can be used as a stand-alone application on a server or in conjunction with Moodle where Single-Sign-On is available. Through the implementation of the Portfolio API in Moodle 2, the exchange of resources between Moodle and Mahara is greatly facilitated.