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Design Services

Visual Design

There are billions of websites – what will make yours stand out from the crowd?

Whether you are upgrading your current website or starting from the beginning, the Catalyst Design team can create and deliver user friendly web designs that strike the right balance of functionality and visual appeal.

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What Catalyst Design offers:

Information Architecture - IA makes information findable and usable. Without it, important information on your site is lost to the people you want to reach. We can build a complete picture of how your audiences perceive your brand, and want to interact with your site.

User Experience - Just as no two websites are the same, UX requires individual attention. We can identify your site's unique voice so that it not only stands out from the crowd, but also has the end-user's needs in mind.

Graphic Design - Effective branding depends on the delivery of a consistent, reliable experience across a range of devices and channels. Catalyst will work with you to create and apply your brand across digital and print media to ensure it is instantly and intuitively recognised by the target audience.

CSS/HTML Template Development - Catalyst crafts clean, usable code that continues to test the boundaries of HTML design and functionality. This includes:

  • appropriate use of JQuery and JavaScript to enhance the user experience
  • testing against Government compliant web standards and accessibility guidelines
  • enabling Search Engine Optimisation
  • cross-browser and cross-platform testing

Our team of experienced and dedicated designers understands that if the end-user struggles with the interface, it won't matter how good the backend technology is. We make a big effort to understand your business or organisation goals, which enables us to produce a unique and consistent brand identity that resonates with your target audience. We design for websites, mobile phones, touchscreen kiosks, and in other media including supplementary print material to advertise your newly revamped website.

We work closely with our software developers and information architects to deliver fresh and innovative visual solutions. These solutions enhance functionality to create a great user experience, which will help your business to grow.

How we work

Typically, after being commissioned to design a website for a client, we will start with understanding your requirements and setting out a list of goals against which we can measure the success of the project. The project team will work together to come up with wireframes so we can identify areas of functionality and special features that may need visual enhancement.

From these wireframes comes the development of visual concepts. We also do a great deal of research to make sure we end up with a finished product that is in line with your business environment and target community. We aim to deliver an experience that enhances your brand, and that engages and entertains end-users.

After our concepts have been approved, we'll build your website using standardised best practices, with compliant HTML and CSS coding that is tested against a range of browsers across different operating systems. This ensures that a consistent look is achieved. We also test against Web Accessibility Guidelines W3C and any other guidelines that your business or organisation requires.

Our designs are simple, easy to use, and will enhance your brand. The Catalyst Design team will work with you to ensure your site lives up to your expectations and our imaginations.