Open sourceand us


It's about freedom. Source code defines how a software application works. Free and open source software is code licensed to allow you to copy it, change it and study it as much as you like, which means you never have to depend on one person or supplier to make sure the software does exactly what you want to do with it. You get freedom from licence fees, freedom from vendor capture and, most importantly, freedom to innovate.


Our role in open source

Established in 1997, Catalyst now has the largest concentration of free open source expertise in New Zealand.

This means we can help your organisation get the very best out of your investment in open source and help manage your long-term interest in the products you use.

Importantly, it also means that Catalyst contributes to, supports and even leads open source projects and communities. Being part of the communities that sustain, business is important, and it is something we encourage our clients to do as well.

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About open source

Open source lowers the barriers for your organisation to invest in a wide range of business applications. Pilot projects can easily be established to test the full capabilities of the software before you make any significant long-term investment.

In several product categories, such as web content management, the leading offerings today are already all open source.

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