Agile Project Management


Catalyst offers two Agile courses – the two day Agile Primer course, followed by the one day Agile Primer - User Stories course.  All those attending the two day Agile Primer course gain the International Consortium for Agile Certified Professional certification (ICAgile ICP).

Agile Primer

This two day course covers what you need to know to start working within an Agile team, using the Agile approach.  

In this course we will run through:

  • The difference between “doing” and “being” Agile
  • The origins of Agile and how it fits with software development
  • Differences between Waterfall and Agile approaches
  • When to and when not to use Agile
  • Introduction to 3 Agile frameworks (XP, Kanban and SCRUM)
  • Understanding the different roles on an agile project
  • How user stories differ from requirements and help you build what your customer actually needs
  • How planning is carried out at release, iteration and task levels
  • What is a “retro” and why are they so important
  • How to integrate different types of work – Design, Development, Security, Infrastructure

This is a practical course, with exercises and group work, just like any good agile project.
A main component of the course is an agile project simulation where the participants work as a team to build a new product.

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Agile Primer – User Stories

A follow on from the two day Agile Primer course, this course covers some concepts in more depth including User Stories.

Course outline

  • Starting a project: Converting an idea into a Vision / Goal that delivers measurable value to your enterprise
  • Practice Impact Mapping to help determine what will drive the most value and where to start
  • User Story Maps: Plan out release cycles in a way that will deliver the most value to end users.
  • Splitting: Different techniques for breaking goals and features down into stories of manageable size.
  • Write User Stories and Acceptance Criteria: Learn how to write a user stories that foster shared understanding using the 3 C's and INVEST.
  • Using Stories in your work flow: sizing and managing your work with stories, suggested tools and techniques both analogue and digital.

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