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Why Choose Catalyst?

Catalyst is a unique company with a unique culture. What sets us apart is that we don't just use open source; we get open source.

We understand that working together, collaboratively and collegially, we can achieve far more for our clients than would otherwise be the case. That means you'll be working with people throughout Catalyst who take responsibility and organise themselves to help you. It also means we'll be working with other open source contributors here in New Zealand and overseas to get the most out of the software we provide.

To all our clients we promise:


From start to finish, we will be entirely open and transparent, sharing everything you want to know.


You are fully in control every step of the way and have complete control of the finished product without any lock-in.


We can achieve any required outcomes with any technology, for any type of business, in whatever way you want and at any scale.


We understand and support your aspirations, and we share the risks and your goals.


We have an extensive track record of tackling hard problems with innovative technology and business models.


We are a responsible company that looks after our employees and contributes back to the communities that support us.