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New & Media Some of our more recent achievements for clients and the work we do around free and open source software.

Using igovt Just Got Easier and Cheaper


Government agencies using the open source learning management systems Moodle or Totara can now more easily authenticate their users with the government's logon service, igovt.

Catalyst IT Limited, working with the Department of Internal Affairs, recently built an igovt module that allows any government agency using either Moodle or Totara to freely download and implement the module without requiring any further costly development, saving the agency money through the reuse of the code.

By open sourcing the Moodle and Totara authentication plug-in, DIA has made it simpler for government agencies to share training materials with each other. As igovt expands, this will also benefit many private organisations wanting to share their training materials with government employees in a cost effective manner.

“DIA saw the benefits of funding the development of this igovt module and, through open sourcing the code, have ensured that other agencies and private organisations can directly benefit from that investment without incurring any further cost.

“What our clients are saying, is that they enjoy the freedom and sharing of resources that Open Source brings them.

“The reuse of code and module sharing give our clients control over their own system rather than being tied into a proprietary and often costly licensing arrangements. They have full access to the source code and enjoy contributing back to the rest of the public sector and the Open Source community,” says Catalyst Director, Mike O'Connor

Catalyst have already implemented Moodle and/or Totara in a number of government agencies including DIA, the Ministry for Primary Industries, Social Development, IRD, Conservation, NZ Police, ACC, and the Ministry of Health and are in the process of implementing a further six government agencies.

The igovt logon service enables users to use the same logon user names and passwords to access various government online services, regardless of which department or agency they are dealing with.