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Google Summer of Code students work on Moodle being mentored by Catalyst employee


For the second year in a row, Dan Marsden, a dedicated Moodle developer and contributor, is mentoring two students during Google Summer of Code.

The students are going to work on SCORM 2004 support and on improving the plagiarism API in Moodle 2.

Last year, two students worked with Dan to contribute a number of enhancements to the SCORM 2004 code that made it into Moodle core.

Dan says, "Kudos to Ankit Argawal and Mayank Gupta for their valuable contributions by adding reporting features and a test harness as well as fixing bugs in the SCORM implementation of Moodle. Their work has helped with the further development of SCORM. Thanks heaps to Google for helping to fund the students' time to work on these project."