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Another Library Joins Koha


Waimate District Libraries joined more than twenty other New Zealand libraries this week when they went live with Koha, the Open Source Library Management System developed here in New Zealand.

Senior librarian, Tony Morton, said the time saved by using such an efficient system would free the library staff to invest time in improving the library service in other ways.

"Moving to Koha gives us much better management of all aspects of the business. Cataloguing new books, for example, is half the job it used to be - I'm smiling and laughing!"

Morton cited one task which had previously taken four hours to complete on the old system, tying up one of the staff computers, and now takes a few seconds. While not all the wins are this extreme, the efficiencies gained are clearly significant.

By moving to a modern Library Management System there is an added spin-off for librarians who are enjoying the opportunity to modernise the ways they use technology to do their job and enhance access to information for their community.

Don Christie, Director at Catalyst, said: "These are the stories we love to hear the most. A small public library is able to serve their community better than before, by using technology which frees up their time, budget and access to information." Catalyst is one of the biggest contributors to Koha, and assisted Waimate District Libraries with their migration to Koha.

For more on Koha, see http://koha-community.org