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Job applicants
Skill and technology specifics

This page describes some specific information on technologies for potential applicants.  More information can be found at the main Jobs at Catalyst page.

PHP, Drupal and Moodle

We usually have over a dozen PHP programmers working in each of our Drupal and Moodle teams.  We also have a number of (usually small) PHP applications that have been developed in-house.  In our experience Drupal has a fairly steep and high learning curve, so we usually target people with significant Drupal experience for the Drupal team.  Other PHP developers at Catalyst often gain experience with Drupal while working on the Moodle learning management system or other PHP products such as Mahara.


We use modern Perl in large object-orient applications. Key technologies are DBI, Moose, and at the front-end both Mason and Template Toolkit. We often use Apache mod_perl with Nginx, and in some cases add memcached as an additional performance enhancing layer. We'd be interested in hearing about your approaches to unit and regression testing in a Perl environment.


We do largely web-based development using MVC architectures, servlet containers, web services and database driven applications.


Python is a growing part of Catalyst's infrastructure.  The ideal candidate might have experience of test-driven development in Python using the Django or Bottle frameworks.


Catalyst has a growing number of projects in Ruby.  While we don't have any full-time Ruby developers at the moment, several of our team have experience with Ruby and there is strong interest in Ruby amongst our client base.


We use Erlang for an open source project called the Erlang SMS Routing and Messaging system. This is a relatively small part of Catalyst's overall technical infrastructure, so while there is the opportunity to work on and use Erlang at Catalyst, you'll need to be willing to develop in other languages too.

Project Management

Catalyst uses a range of project management approaches, which depend on the size of the project and the client's orientation.  Popular approaches are Agile (broadly Scrum-like), the One Page Project Manager, all the way through to fully developed Project Management Institute or PRINCE2 methods.  Staff include PMPs, CAPMs, and a PRINCE2 Practioner.

Business Analysis

Catalyst uses formal business analysis methods for major projects.  Our use of tools is context-specific, and we are happy to consider practitioners who have produced good specifications regardless of the approaches used.