National Centre for e-Learning and Distance Learning

In 2013, Catalyst developed and launched an eLearning platform in Saudi Arabia targeting 2 million users.

The Moodle-based system was developed in partnership with Saudi Arabian National Centre for e-Learning and Distance Learning (NCEL), and the scale of the project proved a unique technical challenge.


At NCEL, we realised there is no luxury of trial-and-error or even to move along the regular learning curve, we had to make it perfect from the outset. Among many competitors, we were lucky enough to choose Catalyst. Although they are located thousands of miles away, we worked as one team and felt as if we were in the same building.Abdulhamid AlsaadyNCEL Director

This project was a great opportunity to showcase our ability to architect a system at this scale. We are thrilled that open source software is being selected for big, complex projects like this and is proving so well suited to the job.

We were also fortunate to be able to work with a great team from NCEL who developed the quality training materials for the site.