Fairfax - spreading the news

Since 2002, Catalyst has developed, maintained and provided 24/7 support for Fairfax's key New Zealand news sites.

Catalyst manages about 30 servers for Fairfax, which support the activities of five systems including an online credit card payment server and Vodafone live! content delivery.

Our business is competitive and fast moving, but Catalyst has consistently provided us with the confidence that technology is an enabler rather than a barrier to our strategic vision and ongoing success.Fiona ReidFormer General Manager, Fairfax Interactive

Comprehensive services and support

Our 24/7 service level agreement with Fairfax covers application and security monitoring, support and maintenance and end-to-end system and network, management and monitoring, including the following technologies:

  • Perl, including mod_perl, Template Toolkit, and Mason.
  • PostgreSQL relational databases.
  • HTML, WAP and SMS content delivery mechanisms