Enrolment Services, Electoral Commission – keeping accurate voter rolls

Designed, developed and maintained by Catalyst, New Zealand's electoral roll management system stores up-to-date voter registration details and information essential to the running of both national and local body elections.

With a great deal of activity around local body and general elections, referendums, electoral boundary changes, the Māori electoral option and frequent enrolment update campaigns, Catalyst has consistently proven an adaptable and reliable technology partner for New Zealand's Enrolment Services, Electoral Commission (ESEC). Enrolment Services were previously known as EEC - the Electoral Enrolment Centre.


Catalyst's expertise has been invaluable to EEC in achieving and exceeding our business objectives.Bob ChandlerInformation Services Manager, Enrolment Services, Electoral Commission



Maintaining business-critical systems

Since 2003, Catalyst has helped New Zealand's Enrolment Services, Electoral Commission maintain one of the most accurate voter rolls in the world. Catalyst also manages ESEC's nation-wide network of Linux desktops. 

Our work with ESEC demonstrates Catalyst's ability to:
  • maintain successful long-term relationships with our clients
  • design, build and maintain business-critical systems using open source technology
  • securely handle sensitive information
  • work alongside clients to meet campaign deadlines
  • monitor and support complex technical environments.