Some of our more recent blog articles.

Diversity, inclusion and marriage equity

by Don Christie

One right that is still being debated across the globe is the right for consenting adults to marry, regardless of gender. In New Zealand the Marriage Equity bill was only passed four years ago after a period of effective limbo for gay couples. Australia is going through a similarly convoluted approach to the topic today, despite widespread and majority public support for the idea.

Open source underpins Open Knowledge

by Don Christie

Open knowledge is knowledge that one is free to use, reuse, and redistribute without legal, social or technological restriction. Open knowledge is a set of principles and methodologies related to the production and distribution of how knowledge works in an open manner. Knowledge is interpreted broadly to include data, content and general information.

Matauka High School, Senanga, Zambia

Follow The Sun Support – One Year In

by Andrew Boag

To provide an even higher level of service and reliability for our clients the Australian, New Zealand and European branches of Catalyst got to work setting up a Follow The Sun (FTS) support model in 2015. The idea being to share responsibility for systems across time zones and teams. Here are some of our considerations and learnings.

20 Years Ago

by Don Christie

20 years ago Jim Bolger was still our Prime Minister, the All Blacks made a clean sweep of the Bledisloe Cup and Wellington became the first city in the world to lay a fibre loop in the CBD. Four Wellingtonians were also looking around for work, their previous employer having recently sold up.

eLearning specialists giving Adapt a trial run